Collection: Vases

Discover Our Beautiful Vases for Flowers - Sustainable and Locally 3D Printed

Looking for the perfect vase to let your flowers shine? At Interior Design by Hamelryck we have a beautiful collection of vases that not only make your flowers shine, but are also an environmentally friendly choice.

Our vases are 3D printed locally with sustainable materials, making them not only an aesthetic addition to your interior, but also having a positive impact on the environment. Using advanced 3D printing technology we can create vases with refined details and unique designs, all produced with respect for our planet.

Whether you're looking for a classic cylindrical vase, a contemporary geometric creation, or something in between, our collection offers something for everyone. Each piece is carefully crafted to both accentuate the beauty of your flowers and make a statement in your interior.

By choosing our sustainable and locally produced vases, you contribute to a greener future and at the same time enjoy high-quality, lovingly made products. Discover our collection today and give your flowers the vase they deserve!


BioPlastic PLA

The main difference from traditional plastics is that PLA is not made from oil or gas, but from renewable sources such as corn starch, sugar cane, sugar beet and cassava.

All our products consist entirely of PLA, a bioplastic that can be neatly recycled in the recycling park!

But above all, we want to focus on a durable product that can withstand a blow if you drop it!