Buzzing Business

Buzzing Business

At Hamelryck we always opt for that little bit extra. We ourselves are beekeepers and keep our own bees. Our garden is full of greenery, and as little concrete as possible. Our products are recyclable, but above all sustainable because of their sturdy structure.

The vibrant activity of bees:

Bees are more than just honey producers. They play a crucial role in the pollination of crops, including fruits, vegetables and nuts. Without bees, many of these crops would have difficulty reproducing, with dire consequences.

Unfortunately, bees are threatened by pesticide use, climate change, diseases and habitat loss. The decline in bee populations is something we should be genuinely concerned about. Fortunately, there are efforts to protect and support bees.

Sustainable entrepreneurship to the rescue:

Introducing sustainable entrepreneurship – the practice of creating businesses that prioritize environmental and social responsibility while still turning a profit.

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